Lot: 91

87th Tribal Art Auction

Two figures "bochio" and power figure

Benin, Fon

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Günther Filla, Bochum, Germany This object is not available anymore.

a) half figure "bochio", wood, black patina/remains of indigo blue pigment and kaolin, various magical materials attached (mirror in wooden frame, metal pieces, wooden sticks, cowrie shells, cord material and fabric), completely covered by encrusted sacrificial mass, h: 25,5 cm, cracks, missing parts (back of the head), insect caused damage; b) wooden half figure, inserted in terracotta bowl, the body wrapped with fabric, thickly encrusted with clay, metal case and chain (corroded), h: 11,8 cm; additional: small power figure of the Yoruba/Anago, Nigeria, with magical loading wrapped around the body, h: 11,5 cm, base