Lot: 345

96th Auction

Two figures in colon style

D. R. Congo, Teke

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Old Colonial Collection, Lille, France (a)
Rob Vervoort, Molenstede-Diest, Belgium (2009) (a)
Guy van Rijn, Brussels, Belgium (a)

Max Willborg (1933-2001), Stockholm, Sweden (b)
Berndt Helleberg, Stockholm, Sweden (b)
Dirk Uythof, Delft, The Netherlands (1985-2015) (b)
Mamadou Keita, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (b)
Guy van Rijn, Brussels, Belgium (b)

Pierluigi Peroni, Gallarate, Italy (a & b)
H: 3.9 inch 1800 EUR
plus 27 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

metal (bronze, brass),
The facial features and details, such as the hat and moustache of the male figure, as well as the hairstyle and strict stand-up collar of the female figure are clearly based on European models (presumably Portuguese).

Both figures appear to be clearly of one hand and to form a pair, but only found their way back to each other indirectly, as the deviating sequence of provenances shows.