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90.I Tribal Art and 90.II Contemporary Native American Art

Untitled ("Three masks")

Gilsted, Morten (*1973), Copenhagen, Denmark

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acrylic on canvas, sign. Morten Gilsted was born in 1973 on the small island of Bornholm and lives since 1993 in Copenhagen. At the age of 15, he began his musician career, went on tour and made first sound recordings. In the 90's he became a gittarist with the Death Metal band "Illdisposed", one of the top bands of the Nordic Metal scene, whose albums like "Submit" (1995) have gained cult status. As a painter, Gilsted claims to be influenced by works by the Cobra group, especially by the founder of this avant-garde movement, the painter Asger Jorn. In his paintings, he brings his "inner demons" to the screen in bold colours and abstract forms and is inspired by the tribal art of African ethnic groups.