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Benefit Auction "Flood Disaster"

Vorwärts, 2002

Roland Schaller (*1942, Lohr am Main)

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42 x 11.8 inch 150 EUR
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Giclée, signed by hand,
A striding figure can be made out, which seems like an abstract translation of Salvatore Dali's graphics. The Bund Fränkischer Künstler (Association of Franconian Artists) very aptly states about the artist: "The laws of anatomical accuracy are suspended; by withdrawing and reducing the physical, R. Schaller encounters content that leads to the deepest inner self of the human being."
1962-67 Studies at the Academies of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and Munich. K. in Nuremberg and Munich

1969 State examination for art education

1970 Member of the professional association of Bild. Artists Ufr.

1974 Member of the professional association "Bund Fränk. Artists".

1987 Co-founder of the group "SpessArt" Lohr 2004 Member of the VKU (Vereinigung Kunstschaffender Unterfranken) Main fields of work: Drawing and printmaking.

Solo exhibitions and participation in group exhibitions at home and abroad.

For more information: http://www.bund-fraenkischer- kuenstler.de/pages/members/roland-schaller.php
Roland Schaller (*1942, Lohr am Main)