Lot: 248

92e vente aux enchères Tribal Art

Maternité "phemba"

R. D. Congo, Yombe / Vili

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Belgian Private Collection
Philippe Ratton, Paris, France
Mark Eglinton, New York, USA
H: 34 cm Cet objet n’est plus disponible.

wood, shiny patina, handwritten collection number "52 / 547" on the object, various labels, base These mother-child representations are known throughout the Congo as "phemba". They are considered to be the homage of the primordial mother, the guardian of fertility, but at the same time reminiscent of transitoriness, the eternal cycle of life and death. She is equipped with elaborate scarifications, arm rings, loincloth, typical hairstyle and filed incisors. All attributes that are reserved in the Congo society only for persons of high rank and title.

Galerie Ratton: "Duo", text by Raoul Lehuard, Paris 2012, p. 50 / 51