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Tête de "momie baluchon" ou "tête factice"

Pérou, Chancay

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Gerhard Asche (1933-2022), Billigheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (vor 1968) H: 31 cm 500 EUR
Frais supplémentaires : 27% de commission, TVA, expédition et assurance transport

cotton, wood, terracotta, camelid fibres (alpaca or llama),

Pillow-shaped textile cover stuffed with straw and raw cotton, with applied facial features in wood and terracotta, and hand-woven headband.

Hoffmann, Ulrich (Hg.), Frauen des alten Amerika in Kult und Alltag, Stuttgart 2001, p. 134 ff.
This object is subject to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Protection Act. Export documents are required for export (subjected to a fee)