Lot: 429

75th tribal art auction

Collier avec masque amulette anthropomorphe "ikoko"

R. D. Congo, Pende

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Boris Kegel-Konietzko, Hamburg, Germany
American Private Collection, New Jersey
L: 27 cm;
H: 6,5 cm (ikoko)
1500 EUR
Frais supplémentaires : 23% de commission, TVA, expédition et assurance transport

blue and black glass beads, thread on three plant fibre strings, ivory pendant with a long grooved beard "mwevu"; such pendant masks were invoked during healing rites, where the patient was obliged to wear a miniature version of the mask around the neck, by way of protection. These pendants were formerly presented as trophies to the boys following their initiation "mukanda".