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Tête de "momie baluchon" ou "tête factice", env. 1000 - 1400 ap. J.-C.

Pérou, Côte centrale, Chancay

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Hans Marcus (1912-1992), Düsseldorf, Germany H: 54 cm;
B: 35,5 cm
600 EUR
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A fine "mummy bundle false head" made from tightly woven cotton sack and camelid fibers (alpaca or llama), with hammered and cut sheets made from a copper - silver alloy sewn to the cloth as the visage.

When used, the pillow case would have been stuffed with fiber (straw, raw cotton) to create volume and fastened as a "false head" to the top of a mummy bundle ("fardo").

Chancay mummies were tightly wrapped in a seated position with yards and yards of cloth, creating drum- to cylinder-shaped "mummy bundles".

"False heads" can also be carved from wood or hammered and chased from metal, such as gold, silver and copper.

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