Lot: 229

Masque "kpelié"

Côte d'Ivoire, Sénoufo

Provenance Taille Adjugé
Pierre Vérité, Paris, France (1941)
Lore & Georg Kegel, Hamburg, Germany
H: 31 cm 4500 EUR

wood, dark brown patina, typical form with lateral ornamental projections, surmounted by a chameleon, rep. (breakages at projections and lower rim), small missing parts, traces of insect caused damage (back), handwritten collection number "S 11", slight traces of abrasion. Among the Senufo, mask characters are in close relationship with the "poro" initiation society and funeral celebrations. "Kpélié" is carved by "kulebele" sculptors. Its purpose at funeral rituals is to lead the spirits of the deceased members of the family into the peaceful land of the dead, and at harvest festivals, to thank the ancestors and the land spirits for good crops.