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Charity Auction: Objects from the Nerlich Collection

2015, January 31

2 pm
cover 188

Wed, Jan 28 to Fri, Jan 30– 10 am to 5 pm
Sat, Jan 31 – 9 am to 1.30 pm

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Press Review "Weltkunst"

# 96/2015, Für den guten Zweck, by Steffi Kupka more...

Bidding for a good cause!

31st of January 2015
Charity-Auction for the Children’s Palliative Center Munich
Fine old tribal art from Africa

We cordially invite you to our Charity-Auction on the 31st of January 2015 the proceeds of which will be given to the "Förderverein Kinderpalliativzentrum München e.V.", an association that was founded in 2010 to support the Children’s Palliative Center Munich, with the aim to provide comprehensive palliative care for children.
About 300 selected masks and figures from the estate of the private Munich collection Dr. Vera and Dr. Wolfgang Nerlich will be auctioned. more...

Lot 16, Burkina Faso, Lobi

Lot 16: Small standing figure

Burkina Faso, Lobi

Price: 60 - 500 €

Lot 24, Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Lot 24: Face mask of the "mblo" - group

Côte d'Ivoire, Baule

Price: 1800 - 6000 €

Lot 242, D. R. Congo, Teke

Lot 242: Miniature power figure "biteki"

D. R. Congo, Teke

Price: 250 - 1000 €

Lot 41, Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

Lot 41: Three heddle pulleys

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

Price: 200 - 1500 €

Lot 29, Côte d'Ivoire, Bete

Lot 29: Mask

Côte d'Ivoire, Bete

Price: 700 - 4000 €

Lot 172, D. R. Congo, Lega

Lot 172: Multiheaded figure "sakimatwematwe"

D. R. Congo, Lega

Price: 200 - 1500 €

Lot 10, Mali, Dogon

Lot 10: Door lock

Mali, Dogon

Price: 350 - 2000 €

Lot 148, D. R. Congo, Ituri

Lot 148: Mask

D. R. Congo, Ituri

Price: 600 - 2500 €

Lot 230, D. R. Congo, Suku

Lot 230: Power figure

D. R. Congo, Suku

Price: 1200 - 6500 €

Lot 103, Nigeria, Yoruba

Lot 103: Bell "omo"

Nigeria, Yoruba

Price: 150 - 1000 €

Lot 139, D. R. Congo, Holo

Lot 139: Magical figure "mvunzi"

D. R. Congo, Holo

Price: 4000 - 15000 €

Lot 122, D. R. Congo, Mbo/Bira

Lot 122: Mask

D. R. Congo, Mbo/Bira

Price: 400 - 2500 €


African Art – objects of great expressivness

The tribal art auction house Zemanek-Münster in Würzburg (est. 1978) specializes in fine tribal art. They have been involved in African art since the beginning of the nineties and have become Europe's only auction house specializing exclusively in non-European art. Serious collectors of high-quality, non-European tribal art from Africa, Australia, Oceania, and Asia as well as for Pre-Columbian, masks, sculptures, ritual objects, ceramics and textiles should start and end their search here.

The fascination – especially for African masks and sculptures - arises from their extraordinary and remarkable expressiveness. While ethnologists appreciate their ritual function, the art collector is focused on their aesthetic qualities. For both, the tribal art auction house holds auctions four times a year, featuring a variety of tribal art objects, especially works of the Luba, Baule, Lobi, Senufo, Songye, Fang and Punu tribes, as well as works from Oceania for the international market.

Since January 2011 Zemanek-Münster’s Pre-Columbian and Classical Art Department is now also based in New York. With expert Howard Nowes at the Upper East Side a long-desired co-operation is become perfect.

The company is now widely regarded for its professional qualifications, integrity, reliability and fairness in dealing with collectors and consignors in Europe and the United States over the past 20 years. Zemanek-Münster is the only auction house in tribal art that guarantee the authenticity and originality of their objects. These standards have qualified the auction house for admission to the Association of German Art Auctioneers (Bundesverband deutscher Kunstversteigerer or BDK) in April 2007.

For several years Zemanek-Münster has been represented with its associated Gallery for non-European Art at international tribal art shows, like the Tribal & Textile Art Shows in San Francisco and New York. Zemanek-Münster is also present in Maastricht at the tribal art exhibition "Art from another world" – a brand-new and prosperous show for non-European tribal art, that started for the first time in March 2011.